Visualization of Atomic Orbitals using VRML

(VRML - сокращение "the Virtual Reality Modeling Language", стандартный формат файлов для показа 3D моделей в сети.)

Atomic Orbitals

The table below contains links to VRML files depicting the isosurfaces for various atomic orbitals. The surfaces contain 90% of the electron density.

Системные требования

Для просмотра распределений требуется установка на компьютере VRML вьюера, например, SGI Cosmo Player (~2.5 Мб), полученного с сайта.

These pages have been tested and found to display correctly under Netscape Communicator 4.73 with CosmoPlayer 2.1.1 and with Internet Explorer 5.0. Internet Explorer 5.0 is not completely stable when viewing these pages; crashes sometimes occur. Feedback on the performance of these pages with other browsers would be appreciated. The External Authoring Interface (EAI) is employed. If a browser does not support EAI, the VRML image will still appear, but the buttons will not be functional.

Some of the files are relatively large (several hundred KB) and may take a few minutes to download if your internet connection is slow.

Atomic Orbitals

2s 2px 2py 2pz
3s 3px 3py 3pz
4s 3dz2 3dxz 3dyz 3dxy 3dx2-y2 4px 4py 4pz
  4dz2 4dxz 4dyz 4dxy 4dx2-y2      
4f5z3-3zr2 4f5xz2-xr2 4f5yz2-yr2 4fx3-3xy2 4fy3-3yx2 4fxyz 4fzx2-zy2

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